Engineering and Design
Our engineers, 100 years of industry experience, and one goal: to give customers end-to-end engineering and design direction. MicroTek is able to support your staff during the early phases of a project, including layout to component selection, and also able to develop a complete documentation package once the design is completed. Solid Works, Visio and AutoCAD are among the tools we use to develop product drawings and control documentation. MicroTek also offers engineering services, from the design of the enclosure to placement of components and harness layout for all interconnections. We work to your specs and, when possible, improve on them.

At MicroTek, we have a team dedicated to building prototypes for our customers. During this phase, we develop a detailed manufacturing plan that includes the required fixtures for the product build. Our team evaluates all necessary material and engineering methods in order to provide the most cost-effective quality assembly to meet your requirements. And MicroTek’s extensive on-site inventory of raw material and tooling guarantees quick delivery of first article prototypes.

Efficiency at its best: MicroTek offers customers the option to create a kit of all finished cable assemblies required of your product. Kitting is an excellent way to reduce as well as expedite purchasing activity; instead of multiple purchase orders for several individual assemblies, our customers can enjoy processing a single purchase order per kit.

Material Management

Material Management
It’s the next best thing to mind reading: MicroTek will work directly with your VMI, MRP, KANBAN or other inventory control program to manage stock and costs so that you don’t have to. And we’ll even get a jump on part production when we see levels getting low. This saves our customers both time and money by allowing one large purchase order to take the place of several smaller ones that require strict monitoring. We currently process more than 250 parts for one customer on a VMI system with a 99 percent JIT rating.